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The electric central heating system transforms electrical energy to heat energy. You can use this system in the cold season to heat up your place but your electric energy bills are surely going to increase. Electric central heating works on the principle that current is made to pass through a resistor which gets very heated up due to its resistance to the flow of current.

Electric central heating systems are used quite often especially in floor central heating and domestic heating systems. They are also known as radiant heating systems purely because the heat is provided to the room in the form of radiation from the resistor.

One of the biggest problems with electric central heating systems, which lead to a lot of people opposing them, is the fact that they are not really environmental friendly.

However, the energy efficiency depends on how they are used. If the electric central heating systems are only used once in a while they are quite cost efficient because the resistor cools and heats quite fast. On the other hand, if they are operating for a long time then you may expect massive bills.

There are some benefits in going for electric central heating systems. Good models are affordable alternatives to LPG and oil heaters. They also help in optimum circulation of the heat energy and thereby efficient heating. You can switch it on and off whenever you require. An important cost related benefit of electric central heating systems is that fact that the servicing is not really expensive compared to other systems.

The installation is very quick and easy. The revolutionary models in market now offer high reliability and quality which reduces the overall maintenance costs and annoyance that is related to oil and gas radiators when it comes to heating requirements of the house.

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