Central Heating Grants

Why get a Central Heating Grant?

Getting a Central Heating Grant is the ideal way to improve your homes energy efficiency if the right energy efficient central heating system is installed.

Central heating grants are provided by the government to consumers who are eligible based on certain criteria. In fact, the central heating grants have been hiked by the government in recent times. It is now £3500 for gas central heating systems up from £2700 and £6000 for oil fired heating systems which is up from £4000 previously.

The Warm Front Scheme is the government scheme that takes care of the central heating grants for those people who own a home or have taken a home on rent from the landlord. Although under different names, there are various other central heating grants in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as well.

Can I get a Central Heating Grant?

These central heating grants are available only to individuals if the central heating system is not already in place. Similarly, if you are planning to do the work yourself you wouldn’t be eligible for the grant either.

The requirement to receive the central heating grants is that you must get the installation done from someone who is an accredited installer, and has the permission therefore to offer the grant. We will arrange up to 3 quotes for a new central heating system from accredited installers, fill in your details here and someone will get in touch with you very soon.

There are certain criteria for individuals to qualify for central heating grants. This includes only householders who are aged 60 or above and are also receiving one of a list of benefits.

These benefits include income support, the housing benefit, the pension credit, the support allowance and income related employment or the council tax benefit.

This is not all. There are others in receipt of different types of government benefits who can also get this grant. For example those householders who have a child under 16 or pregnant women in possession of a maternity certificate and receiving one of a list of government benefits can also get this grant.

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